The UEA wants you!

The UCSB Undergraduate Economics Association is seeking proactive students who are passionate about performing a public service within the economics major.

The UCSB Undergraduate Economics Association will appoint two executive board members who will serve for the remainder of the 2018-2019 academic year alongside the three existing board members. A detailed description of the duties and conditions for candidacy are in the application below. 

UCSB Executive Board Application

Applications are due by Monday, December 18th. All applications missing any of the required materials will not be considered.


2 thoughts on “The UEA wants you!”

  1. Hi, I tried to submit an application for the board member position, but it says that the email specified is unable to receive mail. Please inform me if there is any other way to send over the application.


    1. Good Evening Shivani,

      Apologies for the delay, we have extended the application deadline to accommodate for the technical difficulties. Please send your application to in a PDF format via facebook @ucsbuea before Sunday evening.

      Happy New Year,


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