Seventh Annual Babcock Lecture with Anna Aizer

The Philip Babcock Memorial Undergraduate Lecture was established at the University of California, Santa Barbara to honor the vibrant legacy of UCSB Professor Philip Babcock. The lecture seeks to expose our students and the community at large to the most intriguing applications of economics. Our speakers have been chosen to convey some of the joy Professor Babcock found in applying economics to the world.

The UCSB Economics Department is excited to present Anna Aizer as the seventh annual Babcock Memorial Lecturer. The event will take place next Tuesday, November 5 from 3:30 to 4:30PM in the UCen Flying A Room.

Anna Aizer is a labor and health economist at Brown University with interests in the area of child health and well-being. Aizer has examined the impact of public programs on child health and well-being and the economic determinants and consequences of domestic violence. The focus of her current work is the intergenerational transmission of health and income.

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